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High Rise Buildings

High Rises / Lofts Security

The need for security personnel in large complexes, especially skyscrapers, is very important and Falcon Guard Security addresses all security needs. In the event of a problem, field guards are often the first responders. By having dedicated high-rise guards on the premises, tenants and guests always feel well protected and act as a deterrent against intruders and terrorist attacks. Falcon Guard Security not only helps ensure the safety of tenants and guests, but also reroutes all intruders with access control to all external doors and common areas to track what goes in and out of the premises. To do.


Falcon Guard Security High-Rise Security Officers Los Angeles are trained to use CCTV to protect buildings 24/7, specially selected for their social skills, and handle high-rise security. Their 40-hour standard training includes first aid / CPR, unarmed self-defense, how to deal with potential physical conflicts without force, how to be an effective witness in court, and bomb detection. Includes preparation for an earthquake. In high-rise buildings, the best place to go in an emergency is almost always down the stairs. Falcon Guard Security  are responsible for many evacuation details, as outlined in the emergency plan submitted to the local fire department. Each guard has the necessary redundancy because it has an area of ​​responsibility that overlaps with the other areas.


The security level of high-rise commercial buildings and luxury high-rise homes can be very high not only for real estate owners / management companies, but also for tenants. It is very important that tenants, guests and employees feel safe and Falcon Guard Security is here to make it possible. Dedicated high-rise security training, excellent customer service, and proper phone etiquette make tenants, guests, and employees feel more comfortable with Falcon Guard Security on-site at all times. Our security guards are trained in behavior recognition. Our security guards are trained in certain high-rise security and are ready to be alert to suspicious behavior.


When you notice suspicious behavior, it is the guard’s job to “be kind” by confusing and stopping the person. Terrorists do not want to be bothered and they do not want to be distracted, whatever their plans. A simple “where are you going today?” Or other “kind behavior” gives the guard time to notice changes in behavior, whether verbal or non-verbal. Some customers who have switched to Falcon Guard Security have had their premiums significantly reduced because these guards have undergone behavior recognition training.

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