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Industrial Security

Falcon Guard Security provides industrial security services to a variety of industrial environments, including manufacturing plants and facilities, warehousing, distribution centers, intermodal transportation, and construction sites. It also excels at providing armed escorts for the transportation of goods and personnel. In all cases, we work with our clients to set realistic goals and develop a security-focused culture that ensures that their interests are always protected.


The industrial site presents significant challenges due to the large amount of public assets and vast areas that need protection. That’s why Falcon Guard Security works with clients to create a highly visible, multi-layered security presence at each site. In addition to providing a live security force to patrol the facility, it advises clients on the best use of wise deterrents such as fencing, building lighting, and safe containment practices. Falcon Guard Security also control access by checking visitor badges and coordinating the appropriate documents from the facility and the flow of goods in and out.

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