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Mosque Security

Religious groups have long been the target of robbery, vandalism and other threats. Unfortunately, many of the crimes committed in mosques are violent in nature and harm the community. For this reason, places of worship require experienced religious guards to balance protection services with sensitivity to the sacred nature of the area.

Our security officers visit your religious facility with the utmost care and respect to evaluate your site, review your current security strategy, and identify potential threats. Religious security forces offer various levels of defense, from 24-hour surveillance to regular patrols, night surveillance, and security for special events.


The Falcon Guard Security will serve the Mosque in uniform or civilian clothing, with or without weapons. We also offer foot patrols, vehicle or bicycle patrols, along with other security services to ensure protection inside and outside the facility. Violence and vandalism at the mosque has become a hot topic in recent years, and the need for security has never been greater. Our religious security forces are familiar with threats to the safety of mosques and are highly trained to identify and correct such threats before they affect the community.

Your faith deserves maximum protection, so our mosque guards and other religious guards are of defense tailored so that your congregation can pray safely and with peace of mind.

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