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Residential Property Security Guard Service

We all want to feel safe in our homes, but no one wants to take the right steps to ensure that safety.




For one thing, many believe that security measures are reserved for businesses and buildings. Second, some people assume that private security services are very expensive and cannot afford them. Unfortunately, none of these are true.


Residents own expensive goods and valuables, so condominiums and buildings, like businesses, are vulnerable to theft, robbery and vandalism. Therefore, whether you live in a gated community, condo, or HOA, your home is at risk of robbery.


Installing electrical gates and alarm systems can help protect families and residents, but it is not enough. They can break down or malfunction, leaving your home vulnerable to attack.

Hire Falcon Guard Security to add a layer of security to your property. Falcon Guard Security services provide 24-hour facility monitoring to prevent, mitigate, and deter crime

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