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Parking Lots

Parking Lot Security

Retail malls, restaurants, and anywhere open to the public are the targets of crime. Up to 80% of crimes committed in public facilities occur in parking lots. Vehicle intrusion, vandalism and robbery are one of the biggest crimes in parking lots. If the customer does not feel safe parking and walking to the facility, they are more likely to go to another location with adequate parking security.


Falcon Guard Security provides customers and employees with peace of mind when visiting the property. Our officers can be armed or unarmed as needed and can choose between foot patrols and patrol vehicles. Police officers regularly patrol the parking lot, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.


At the request of the customer or employee, our employees will accompany you from the entrance of the vehicle. Intensive training programs and background checks must be completed before deploying officers.We provide your business with the highest quality security guards on the market, as your safety is our main concern.

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