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Shopping Centers

Protect Buyers, Tenants and Employees

Shopping malls can have their own problems, such as vandalism, illegal carpooling, graffiti, and theft. Falcon Guard Security understands the importance of protecting shoppers, tenants and employees. Falcon Guard Security consultants work with management companies to determine the best backorder for an individual company, small mall or large mall. Our security forces are armed and unarmed and well trained in all areas.


The basic duty of the Mall guards is to protect the employer from theft, vandalism, and all other illegal activities while maintaining the postal order.

One of the guards’ main duties is to be present at all times and act as an effective deterrent. Security guards at the entrance and on the premises represent safety, security and security. The presence of security guards acts as an effective deterrent, reducing the likelihood of theft, trespassing, or property damage.

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