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Stadium Security

Our stadium guards are trained to address the specific unique security challenges posed by the ever-increasing threat of terrorist attacks. The concert halls, stadiums and theaters carry the inherent risks of being easily managed by a knowledgeable and well-prepared security team.


Implementing a coordinated security plan is the first important step in combating indiscriminate violence that often occurs without warning. Prevention is important and often requires extensive safety training in order to properly assess and adjust extreme violent situations.


Building security personnel are ready to respond with effective, prompt response and deterrence based on the nature of the threat at hand. Our security forces are well-equipped to deal with sudden and unexpected security challenges and are specially trained to adapt seamlessly to public situations.


Most importantly, Falcon Guard Security officers in a safe environment reduce risk and responsibility while ensuring an overall positive guest experience. With a team of highly trained security guards offering a variety of protection services, you can count on the Falcon Guard Security team to oversee the security of your stadium.

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