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Synagogue Security Guards

Tragic events in recent years have shown us that we cannot be 100% safe even in places of worship. Because synagogues are public places, they are often the target of vulnerable and confused criminals. This required experienced security companies not only in Los Angeles but throughout the country. Falcon Guard Security can help by providing world-class synagogue security services, so believers can pray with peace of mind.


Synagogue Guard is a trained professional hired by the Jewish community to protect the place of worship. Unfortunate events and violent attacks on synagogues and the Jewish community are endangering the community and increasing the need for security.


Synagogue Keepers can make every difference to every believer. Well-trained security guards bring many benefits that every synagogue should consider in order to protect the community. Falcon Guard Security are ready to meet the security needs of the synagogue. We have the ability to prevent criminals and vandals from suffering property damage and potentially tragic events.

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