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Bicycle Patrols

Bicycle Patrol Security

There are many benefits to having a bicycle patrol officer. The most commonly mentioned are visibility and mobility. You can’t go beyond the sight of a cop on a bicycle. This visibility increases human contact with the community. They know people by name, and this allows officers to be proactive in fighting crime, not just reacting. Cycle patrol personnel can be much more aware of their concerns before escalating to an issue. Officers can cycle quickly through the crowd and find shortcuts and more that severely limit the movement of squad vehicles in the same situation.


The same maneuverability adds the advantage of “stealth” to bicycle patrols over patrol vehicles. Bicycle police officers are much smaller, quieter, and can reach places that are not easily accessible by squad vehicles. Also, people who run away from officers generally cannot overtake officers by bicycle. Our bicycle patrol performs the same security tasks as regular security guards. It can be armed or unarmed as needed. You are healthy and can easily cycle over 20-30 miles a day.

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