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Colleges & Universities are primarily concerned with the safety of their students and staff. By having security guards on the scene, Falcon Guard Security stops most criminals and lets students think twice before starting trouble with other students or staff.


Unfortunately, there were too many crimes at Universities & Colleges. Our security guards are highly trained in complex areas and are pleased to be ready to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Falcon Guard Security employs both armed and unarmed guards.


Our security advisor sits with an administrator and learns College & University rules. Be kind to the students so that the guards are comfortable, but strict enough to let them know that the guards are there to protect them and their fellow students.


Falcon Guard Security sets itself apart by offering its security forces its own training courses that specifically address the legal and College & University environment.

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Falcon Guard Security look forward to your requisitions, queries, and suggestions for our security solution services. We offer services of our security professionals in California
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