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Condominium Complexes

Condominium Security

Falcon Guard Security patrol residential and townhouse complexes and inspect surroundings, access points, parking lots, garages, and factory rooms, utility rooms, or roofs as needed. The presence of security guards always acts as a powerful and effective visual deterrent to crimes or other illegal activities that can occur in the absence of security guards. Falcon Guard Security respond quickly to tenant complaints, respond to alarms, report suspicious activity, report fires and hazards, and get in-hours or emergency contact regarding maintenance issues.


The Falcon Guard Security have been carefully screened for customer service skills to ensure that they are always polite and courteous in dealing with lessors, owners and guests. Our experienced Falcon Guard Security team is nationally accredited under the Civil Rights Act, ensuring that all security guards are fully trained and up-to-date with these laws. By complying with these Civil Rights Act laws, we ensure that our customers are in compliance and that our officers are consistent, fair and capable of dealing with any scenario.

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