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Motels & Resorts

Security plays a major role in the success of motels and resorts. As an administrator of such a place, your primary concern is most likely to be the safety of guests, especially in densely populated areas and tourist destinations. Falcon Guard Security are well-maintained, trained, professional and have excellent customer service skills.


Falcon Guard Security actively patrol the entire property, checking all doors and stairwells to ensure that the locks are locked and no danger lurks. Falcon Guard Security will probably respond to your complaint first and ask for help. Most of our guards have arrest power, batons, pepper spray, firearms, and CPR / first aid licenses. A private safe in the room is convenient, but feeling 100% safe during your stay is in the best interests of the guest and Falcon Guard Security guarantees it.

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Falcon Guard Security look forward to your requisitions, queries, and suggestions for our security solution services. We offer services of our security professionals in California
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